Virtual gift cards for outside shipping countries

Hi , I am from India and I see that you do not have shipping services running to India .As I am very old supporter of your community and been contributing from almost last 4-5 years , I have a suggestion for  you to have virtual Gift cards like (Amazon , Flipkart) to redeem from points for the people who are outside of your shipping services .That would be helpful for us.    

  • Thank you for inquiring about options for your location in India and THWACK store points. Those are some great ideas but are not options we can add to the store items for redemption. Currently, we are only able to ship approved THWACK items redeemed with THWACK points to the approved listed locations.  There are also other parameters and legal regulations we follow, that in some instances, prevents what we can offer and leaves us to a limited number of options.   We will continue to review our programs and processes and when we can adjust and make modifications, we will update the community.  There are a few other locations that we are also reviewing in this same manner.  We will continue to evaluate the situation, investigate potential options and make approved adjustments as they become available.  Thank you for your continued engagements within the THWACK community and we hope to see you attend one of our free virtual or free live in-person events in the future.

    Robert BlairVega