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How to remove missing or down APs in the List of Thin Access Points widget

Hello all, 

I'm new to SolarWinds and have recently added our APs to the the List of Thin Access Points widget. I have one showing down in the list and would like to remove it. I attempted to do this by removing it from the controller and repolling in SolarWinds. This didn't work. I verified the AP is not showing anywhere else in Aruba. Is there a way to remove this 1 AP we are no longer  using from the widget?

  • Try connecting to the Database Manager.

    In the manager connect to the default server and navigate to Wireless_AccessPoints, double-click it and execute the query. Click Enable table editing and find the AP(s) you want to remove. Click on the far left-hand side of the table and it should highlight the entire row, then you can just right-click and select Delete Selected Rows.

    Just be cautious in deleting those entries.  To be safe, you can backup your database first.

  • Hi

    I am a little confused can you please help me understand more on the query ?

    1. If the AP is still connected to the Wireless Controller - SolarWinds will poll it for sure. SolarWinds manage the AP's through the Controller and do not poll them directly. Make sure everything is cleaned up on the Wireless Controller.

    2. As suggested by , you can delete the obsolete entries on SolarWinds through DB manager. But as mentioned in point 1 make sure the AP's or any reference to AP's from the Wireless Controller is completely removed, without which even through you remove it from SolarWinds DB it will poll the AP information again when SolarWinds polls the Wireless Controller in the very next poll.

    3. If you are 100% sure everything is cleaned up on Aruba side then, go the managed nodes -> select the particular Wireless Controller -> do a 'list resource' on the Wireless Controller, uncheck 'Wireless Controller' SUBMIT. After 5 or 10 mins perform the same activity but this time check 'Wireless Controller' when you do a list resource and SUBMIT it. Wait for one polling interval and then check the Wireless Controller node page. If you still see it there do a rediscovery - this should probably resolve the issue.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much for your assistance. I deleted the AP from the controller a year ago but found the AP still sitting in Aruba Airwave. I deleted there yesterday before reaching out here on Thwack. I followed your instructions for step 3, the AP is still showing in the alerts and the Thin Access Point list. I'll try donrobert5 step 2 and let you know if that does it. I sincerely appreciate your help!