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THWACK points for SWUG attendance

I recently attended two full days at the London SWUG but do not seem to have received all of the THWACK points that I think were due... I attended lots of sessions, completed all of the surveys after each session and also the event survey and yet my THWACK points have only gone up slightly.  Is it possible to see a log of how the THWACK points are accumulated?



  • That's a great question!  Yes, you can see the points tally and how it goes by navigating to your profile and clicking on your points total (in the right rail).

    This will give you a breakdown of the points.

    About the London points: the last day for the survey is today, so the points will be awarded a few business days after the survey is completed.  I'd expect them by mid-next week if there were no processing errors.

    I'm tagging in for any clarification.  She's the reigning the queen of points.

  • many thanks Kevin... Great to meet and speak with you at the event BTW.

    I was only looking at the summary points total at the top of every page - didn't realise you could see more detail under the profile section.  I can see that none of the SWUG points are awarded yet so thanks for the confirmation.