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THWACK Store - Home Office Set disappointment

Have just received the 'Home Office Set' and very disappointed to find that it is no use to me as it has a US style plug on the wireless charging pad.

It would be a good idea to add a description on it to make this clear! Disappointed

  • - Thank you for your feedback, I'll work with Rob to see if we can get the item description updated to detail this.

    Charging Pad:

    Keep your devices fully charged with the Nimble Eco-Friendly Apollo Wireless Charge Pad. This eco-friendly wireless charging pad is made with 72.5% certified recycled materials. The embedded magnets allow for hassle-free placement with your MagSafe devices and the anti-slip recycled silicone grip keeps your device in place. And, it charges through most cases less than 3 mm thick, so you don't have to remove your case to charge your phone.


    *USB-C Wall Charger Included*


    Wireless Charger:

    Small, light, fast & powerful. The CHAMP 10,000 mAh eco-friendly battery packs more power than chargers twice its size. Made with REPLAY® 72.5% post-consumer recycled plastic and offers up to three full phone charges. 18W USB-C PD power delivery input/output supports fast charging for the Apple iPhone & Android smartphones, while 18W USB-A QC 4.0 output supports standard USB devices. For every product purchased, customers can recycle up to 1 pound of e-waste for free through Nimble’s One-for-One Tech Recovery Project.


    *No Cords Included*

  • doug_c - thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apologies on our end for the inconvenience of ordering an item with your hard earned points only to get it an be unable to use. I have refunded you your points for this issue.  We are working on our end to determine how or if we are able to include a more in-depth description for store items. At this time we are limited on the amount of characters we can display in the store items. Once we are able to come up with a solution on how to provide a better option for descriptions we will.   Thank you for your continued engagements' with THWACK and being an active and involved member of the community.