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Hey all!  I'm newer to the THWACK community.  I enjoy the engaging conversations and the monthly missions that open the floodgates of new technologies.  My question is in regards to the store itself.  I notice that every now and then the store updates its stock.  Is this done in a particular interval?  Per month, quarter, year, etc?

  • Great question. It used to be that there was a forum dedicated to the store, and they would post there when new items were added.

    This also allowed members to ask questions about the items there and make suggestions.

    Apparently that was removed and I haven't found anywhere that even contains a description of the items in there, let alone when new ones will be added. A lot appears to have been removed, and now it's hard to find things you're looking for.

  • I have been to busy with project work to get back into the Thwack community for a minute, and now I came back to find the site revamp. It looks good overall. Sad to see that yet again my achievements are all gone and I'm again a newbie with 127k points, but I saw the store change and wanted to see what was happening and alas, no dedicated forum. I'd like to see it return too, please, . It's nice to keep up with the notifications and at least have some kind of chance at some of the gear that rarely comes back in stock. Thanks!

  • Hey folks. There has never been a forum dedicated to the store, the conversation usually took place on the FAQ which lives here:

    That's not to say it wouldn't be helpful. I'll chat with the team and see if we can get a forum for the store specifically under THWACK Command Center. 

    everyone's achievements were reset because the old "kudos" were depricated and we implemented new achievement logic. However, everyone's points were maintained. If you feel this is inaccurate, please email and we can look into this for you. 

    If anyone has input/questions feel free to reach oit!