SolarWinds Platform and Products—Version 2023.3 Is Now Generally Available!

We’re excited to announce general availability for version 2023.3 of the SolarWinds® Platform, SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability, and the Network and Systems modules. Version 2023.3 is now available for all customers under maintenance, so log in to your customer portal to download it. Want to see everything new? Check out the release notes.

Anomaly Based Alerts Improvements

For Hybrid Cloud Observability, we’ve made several usability and UI improvements to our anomaly-based alerting:

  • New link to view PertStack of entities contained in alert
  • Improved presentation of noise reduction ratio

AlertStack Improvements

AlertStack is a newer feature available to Hybrid Cloud Observability and all modules, and we are continuing to improve it.

  • Added filters to help you find the appropriate cluster
  • When closing a cluster, you can choose to acknowledge all alerts contained in the cluster
  • Alerts on AlertStack map now link to alert details page
  • Auto-close cluster after 7 days

Viptela SD-WAN Support

For Hybrid Cloud Observability as well as modules and bundles, we’ve added Viptela SD-WAN support. Customers can monitor VeloCloud SD-WAN, including the discovery of the overlay network, traffic by path, and performance metrics by path. Discovery of the overlay includes visualization within maps. Data is gathered by both SNMP polling and API from the Orchestrator.

Policy and Rule Editor for Server and Application Configs

For Hybrid Cloud Observability and Server Configuration Monitor, we’ve added the ability to create, copy, edit and delete policies and rules. This feature allows you to take out-of-the-box policies and copy and update them to newer definitions, as well as build custom policies from scratch to meet your company's need. Features include:

  • Create, edit and delete new policies
  • Copy and edit out-of-the-box policies
  • Modify individual rules
  • Rules allow nesting and grouping logic, plus simple and complex comparisons
  • Rules can be edited via the GUI or directly (YAML format)

Here is a peek of the rule editor, but read this for detailed information.

More Features and Improvements

We continue to invest in improving the SolarWinds Platform and our products by adding the features and device support our customers ask for. These features are available for specific modules and Hybrid Cloud Observability:

  • Configuration Wizard: Using Self Signed Certificates: The configuration wizard now allows you to select self-signed certificates when installing or upgrading
  • Configuration Wizard: Update DB Credentials: The configuration wizard now allows you to update database credentials exclusively
  • OpenSSL 3.0 Support: Upgraded Platform Agent to use OpenSSL 3.0 and its FIPS module
  • Improved EOC Federation: EOC now federates Network Configuration Manager data and Hardware Health data for custom widgets.
  • DHCP Scope Wizard Improvements: For Hybrid Cloud Observability and IP Address Manager, the DHCP wizard has been updated and modernized to make it easier to use
  • Security and Bug Fixes: See the release notes for the SolarWinds Platform and each product for more details

Security Always

We focus on securely coding, building, and delivering software to you, as we shared in our blog post, SolarWinds Aims to Set New Standard in Software Development With Next-Generation Build System. The choices we made in forging the SolarWinds Platform align with our Secure by Design philosophy, enhancing our ability to execute this vision now and in the future.

How to Download

The 2023.3 release is fully tested and supported and is ready for you to install on a new server or update your current one.

  • For all current Hybrid Cloud Observability customers, the release is available now. You can log in to your customer portal and download it.
  • For all current module and bundle customers, the release is available now. You can log in to your customer portal and check to see if it’s available for download.
  • If you don’t own Hybrid Cloud Observability but would like to try it or one of its new features, there are a couple of options for you:
    • Download a 30-day free trial and install it on a new server.
    • If you’re a current module or bundle customer, upgrade to 2023.3 first and use the new instant evaluation feature to try Hybrid Cloud Observability for 30 days with the a click of a button. And don’t worry; you can switch back to your modules anytime.

What’s Next?

The 2023.3 release of the platform and products is another step forward, but there is always more to do. Check out our What We’re Working On post for what’s coming next for the SolarWinds Platform and products.

—The Hybrid Cloud Observability Team


  • Thanks for sharing this, this is amazing. i like it. 

  • I saw in the release notes for 2023.3 a reference to improving the Worldwide Maps. 
    "WorldWide map updates: modifiable WorldWide Map API key support."

    I found the new settings for this under the Web Console Settings but as far as I can tell you can only select MapQuest as the provider which SolarWinds are currently using anyway.

    1. What is the difference between using the default provider and providing your own API key?
    2. At some point it looks like MapQuest has changed the returned geolocation values - even if you have Long/Lat values in your Location field, MapQuest provides the coordinates of the nearest ROAD point rather than the actual location. 
    3. Are SolarWinds looking at providing alternative map tile providers? Or an ability to use an alternative provider?

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