Reminder: Orion Platform Digital Code-Signing Certificate Revocation – Coming March 8

As you may have seen in an email from us or on, as part of our response to the SUNBURST vulnerability, we requested to revoke our digital code-signing certificate effective March 8, 2021. Recently, we’ve released new versions of the software affected by this revocation, which are signed with the new digital code-signing certificate.

We’ve published a page here, which provides details, including versions affected (which are also placed below for quick reference), and answers to other frequently asked questions, and details to help you plan to upgrade to the latest version. 

Orion Platform Version

Recommended Action

KB Article


No action needed

Orion Platform KB Article

Orion Products KB Article

Orion SDK KB Article

2020.2.1 HF 2
2020.2.1 HF 1
2020.2 HF 1

Upgrade to 2020.2.4


No action needed

2019.4 HF 6
2019.4 HF 5
2019.4 HF 4

Upgrade to 2020.2.4
Upgrade to 2019.4.2

You asked and we listened on letting your know when updates occur to the FAQ and Security Advisory pages. On each page, we have a link to subscribe to RSS notifications when we update the page (Note: you'll need to cut and paste the "Subscribe to this RSS feed" URL into an RSS Feed Reader, e.g., Outlook's RSS Subscriptions, to monitor updates).

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

SolarWinds Product Team

  • As a best practice and to further enhance the security of our products, we've retained third-party cybersecurity experts to assist us in these matters. These experts are providing guidance in improving our processes and controls.

    To provide additional assurance to all of our customers, we've made the decision to digitally re-sign our products and have requested (and received) a new digital code-signing certificate. This reflects a recertification of the authenticity of SolarWinds products, both current and future.  upsers

  • How can I find out what version of Orion Platform products I'm running? Should I manually revoke the certificate if it's found on my system before March 8, 2021?


  • My environment was never complicated enough to fully benefit from solarwinds so we are migrating to Netreo. Cheaper and simpler. We do also use nagios for some things externally, but very simple checks FaceTime