Orion Platform 2020.2 and it's Modules Are Now Generally Available

The SolarWindsRegistered product management team is happy to announce the latest release for all 14 products on Orion Platform 2020.2. Every product has new features available in this release. Download now through your Customer Portal. By downloading the unified SolarWinds Orion installer , you'll be able to upgrade your entire Orion environment in a single, streamlined, upgrade session.

Orion 2020.2

Orion Platform:

Network Performance Monitor (NPM):

Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA):

Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

IP Address Manager (IPAM)

User Device Tracker (UDT)

VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM)

Log Analyzer 

Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

Virtualization Manager (VMAN)

Storage Resource Manager (SRM)

Server Configuration Monitor (SCM)

Web Performance Monitor (WPM)

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)

Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)

  • WIthout Configuration Wizard logs its difficult to say for certain what the issue might be. If you have not yet already, please try and run the Configuration Wizard again and see if it self-corrects the issue. If it does not, I would recommend opening a case with support or contact your Sales rep for assistance from a Sales Engineer if you don't already own SAM. In either case, it's likely that they will ask for diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem. 




    I tried to install SAM 2020.2 Eval via Offline installer On a Newly built VM of OS Win 2019.
    1a. Only SAM product.
    2.System Checks got passed
    3.SolarWinds Installation Wizard finished successfully.
    4. Automatically, Config wizard started to run.
    4a. Everything was looking good.
    5. When it was about to complete.. (during 87.8% progress)., it displayed below error
    "verifying that SWIS service is available FAILED"
    6. Finally, Config wizard ended with failure

    Please help how can i solve this issue 

  •  this is at the Orion instance level, not the per poller level.  Prior to 2020.2 we supported up to 400,000 elements in a single deployment, with 2020.2 we not support 1M elements in a single deployment or instance of Orion.  The per poller numbers have not changed.

  • So am I correct in my understanding: 2019.4 supports 12k-15k network elements before require a new polling engine to be spun up. But 2020.2 supports 1m/polling engine now?