New Orion 2020.2.1 releases now generally available

The SolarWindsRegistered Product Management team is happy to announce the general availability of the new 2020.2.1 version of our OrionRegistered Platform products.   Although we typically don't package new features into a service release, these features were too exciting to hold back.   Download now through your Customer Portal or

Network Automation Manager (NAM)  

Introducing Orion Remote Collectors (ORCs) for additional flexibility deploying to remote locations. ORCs are a lightweight, localized polling option to monitor distributed locations on-premises. ORCs include automatic data storage and forwarding for easy monitoring even in low-bandwidth/high-latency environments.  See the NAM 2020.2.1 release blog for more details.  

Server and Application Monitor (SAM)

SAM improved the usability of our API pollers by including a simple interface allowing customers to manage all of their API pollers in one place. API pollers have been enhanced to include string monitoring, and chaining of requests to broaden our support for monitoring devices and SaaS services.  ORCs are also available for node-based SAM licenses.  See the SAM 2020.2.1 release blog for more details.  

Server Configuration Monitor (SCM)

SCM added policy compliance monitoring and reporting.  Assign out-of-the-box DISA STiG policies to your servers, applications and databases, and determine how well your environment meets the compliance standards.   Rule details also include remediation steps to help bring your systems into compliance. See the SCM 2020.2.1 release blog for more details.  

Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 

VMAN now delivers chargeback reporting, so IT groups can better understand costs associated with their virtual infrastructure. Intuitive reporting with VMAN allows IT to specify hosts or clusters, choose a given timeframe, then deliver an account of their costs based on CPU, memory, storage, and vCPU usage.  See the VMan 2020.2.1 release blog for more details. 

What's Next? 

The SolarWinds product team is constantly looking ahead to build world-class  solutions to solve your monitoring woes. Watch and subscribe to What We Are Working On to stay updated on what's next for the Orion Platform and its modules. Let us know how we're doing and what we can deliver to keep you ahead of the curve.

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