Monitoring DataStores in Profiler

So you have probably heard of Profiler, Solarwinds' storage and virtual infrastructure product, but as an Orion customer, you might ask what can I do with Profiler?
Let's drill down on a specific common storage use case - monitoring and reporting on VMware  DataStores.  DataStores are the hub of storage, providing capacity to the virtual infrastructure (VM, snapshots, logs, etc.).  Running out of space on your DataStore is a bad thing, and there are two ways Provider can help you avoid it.

First, good old fashioned alerting.  Just navigate to the Rules Page, press Add New Rule and choose Threshold Rules. From there, change your drop down to match these below, then you can select a condition to alert on (% Usage, Free GB or Used GB).  Note you can select "Any" DataStore, or pick specific ones of interest.

When the threshold is crossed, Profiler can send a trap, execute a script, or send you an email… we can even alert you through Orion, but that is another post. 
Second, you can use the reporting engine to forecast when you are going to run out of storage in the future.  Profiler calculates the growth rate of each DataStore and forecasts when the next thresholds will be passed, allowing you to address problems before they happen.

We can see both these DataStores will be out of storage this soon... better go talk to our admins before bad things happen :).

One more thing you can do with DataStores is End-to-End mapping, where Profiler maps the DataStore to its source LUN on the array.  More on how to use End-to-End reports next time.