How to Display Data Owner Information in ARM’s Rich Client

In this blog post we’ll talk about how to make Data Owner information available in ARM’s rich client.

Enabling this functionality will allow you to easily answer the question ‘who is responsible for this resource?’ without having to check the config client for the answer.

To enable this functionality, you need to add a configuration switch. Open the pnServer.config.xml file with a text editor and add the following lines:



       <!-- Additional properties in Resource view -->

       <SuppressExtraProperties type="System.Boolean">False</SuppressExtraProperties>



In the resource view you will find on the right side an extra tab called ‘Additional properties’ as shown below.


If corresponding data owner information is available, this tab will display the data owner of the selected resource and the related organizational category defined in the configuration.

Please note, only data owners with write access to the resource will be shown.

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