From Useless to Useful With Modern Dashboards

THWACK MVP and friend  wrote about his adventure jumping into the deep end with Modern Dashboards. It’s a wonderful journey going from virtually no knowledge in custom queries to building a production-ready dashboard, and he’s taken us along for the ride.

  • In Part 1, he talks about how he got started with building his first queries to get exactly the data he needed. He provides some simple, elegant examples where you can follow along.
  • In Part 2, he begins to build out those dashboards and explains how and why he chose specific types of widgets. He went through a few iterations when deciding what was important and his results are beautiful.
  • In Part 3, he discusses the all-important first presentation to his management team and the feedback he received. Taking the feedback, he was able to tweak for their needs while showing them they could do some of the edits themselves, empowering his Orion Platform users to start crafting their own Modern Dashboards.

If you’re struggling with Modern Dashboards or want to have a better understanding of how learning SWQL can help you get to the data you need faster, I encourage you to take a read.  It’ll be worth the time.

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