Don't Panic! Here's A List of Helpful Links Related to SUNBURST, SUPERNOVA, and SUNSPOT

It’s not an exaggeration (and probably a bit of an understatement) to say that there’s been some stuff going on lately, both in the wider world and in our SolarWinds-specific corner of it. My goal with this post is to help other community members find the most up-to-date answers to their questions. I suspect many of us are spending time (for ourselves or for our corporate handlers) searching around and bookmarking multiple places, but I thought it might be both efficient and in the spirit of THWACK to have a single place where people could go.  To help with that task, I’ve collected what I feel are all the most important links so that people will have a one-stop shop.  I’ll do my best to keep it updated as I can, so please comment with anything you think should be added.  Please be sure to bookmark and subscribe to this article so you will be informed of any updates to this page.

As this is a labor of love (as well as necessity) I welcome your input. Feel free to suggest additional sources in the comments below – I’ll do my very best to keep this list updated as recommendations are added.

Also, it would be irresponsible for me to present this as anything remotely resembling an “official” list. This is just my cobbled-together offering, independent from (and likely secondary to) anything we all hear from SolarWinds HQ in the coming days and weeks.

SolarWinds Security Advisory Pages

The first, best locations to review for updates are the official SolarWinds Security Advisory pages.  They are updated frequently so don’t think that a one-and-done glance is enough.

In addition to those locations, there are several places on THWACK where the conversations have continued.

Resources on THWACK

There are also a few good discussions and solutions that I’ve found:

Like I said, I’ll do my best to update this list, so if I’ve missed anything you feel is important to help provide details, let me know in the comments.

Change Log:

  • 14-JAN-2021: Initial Publish
  • 15-JAN-2021: Added link to digital certificate page
  • 03-FEB-2021: Added two additional blog links by Sudhakar Ramakrishna

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