Dameware Remote Everywhere: Redesigned Mac Viewer

We are delighted to introduce our latest Dameware Remote Everywhere update: Viewer 6.00.07 for Mac.

In January 2019, we introduced our entirely re-styled Windows Viewer – in which we had consolidated all menu and action items into a single, easy to navigate top bar – giving an organized and scalable presentation to the DRE Viewer.

On initial launch, you’ll notice the Viewer changes immediately:


But despite the menu changes, and consolidation of all menu items on the top bar, there’s been no compromise to functionality – all the features and functions have been homogenized and streamlined.


All your session stats and session telemetry remain wholly accessible:


The menus are slick, navigable, and highly responsive, making this a real pleasure to use.

Summary of release:

– SolarWinds Take Control Viewer update: 6.00.07
– No agent update