Dameware 12.0 Release Candidate is Available now!

We have all been waiting for this, and now it's here: the Dameware 12.0 Release Candidate is now ready for you on the Customer Portal! Don’t wait, just download it while it’s still fresh and hot. However, if you want to learn a bit more about the new features, continue reading.

This release brings several bigger and smaller improvements, so let me highlight a few of them:

  • Over the Internet (OTI) unattended sessions for Dameware Centralized users
    • Allows you to remotely support users on the move, and assist remotely without the presence of the end user
    • Deploy agents with OTI unattended support to end-points
    • Manage agents for OTI unattended sessions to maintain high security and control
  • Search Hosts in Mini Remote Control
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Ability to switch between the Standalone and Centralized versions without reinstallation
  • And many other improvements and bug fixes

The #1 feature which I want to talk about is the ability to use unattended over the Internet sessions. You already have been able to remotely connect to a computer, but it required the assistance of the end-user, and she might not have always been available or you simply didn’t want to bother the user. Now you can connect to her computer anytime.

To start off, deploy a new agent with unattended OTI capabilities to the computer. The agent will register itself automatically with the proxy. The deployment is as easy as it always has been. The new version of the agent contains support for unattended OTI. It can be configured in the General tab of agent settings, where you can limit the agent only to local connections, or direct and remote connections. These settings can be found for example during agent deployment when you are prompted to confirm the deployment under Install Options… > Configure > General.


Right after deploying the agent, it will be visible on the Admin Console for the Central Server, and will be waiting for your approval (if you have just upgraded and are not using an evaluation copy, which has auto-approvals enabled). This gives you control over who can use remote unattended sessions, but it also gives you control in case you have several thousands end-points and you don’t want to remote to them all over the internet.


As soon as you approve the agent, it becomes available for remote sessions.


Another option is to configure auto-approvals under Central Server > Settings by setting the value of the Remote Host Auto-approve property to true. This setting will automatically display a notification banner in the admin console.


After the approval of the agent for Internet sessions, it will also appear in the new Remote Host List of the MRC console, so any technician can start to make unattended connections from this list right away.

You can also drag & drop the host from Remote Host List to your Personal Host List or Saved Host List (see below screenshot). From any of these lists you can initiate unattended OTI connections. If you already have the computer in the Personal Host List before, it will appear in the list twice and its icon will indicate direct LAN connection (red arrow in the screenshot) or unattended OTI connection (green arrow on the screenshot).


You are probably also curious about searching for a host in MRC. Simply click on Find icon in Remote Connect menu of MRC console and type hostname or IP address.


I’d love to hear from you, so if you have any feedback, please let me know in a comment or use DameWare DRS Release Candidate forum.

Now go to your customer portal and download new installer!

  • Ah yes, but that's why we have AD authentication on our central server.

    Plus, I'm sure it would be trivial to encrypt the host information within the database to prevent access outside of the product.

    The way we launch into hosts now is via a command line call.  Our credentialing system (Thycotic Secret Server) generates the command line launch based upon the username/password/port/auth type for that host.   It's not perfect, but it's just 1 resource and portal for support staff to launch into hosts from, and once a host is updated it is updated globally for the entire staff.

  • Hi Brad, please go ahead and contact support asap. You can do it via Submit a Customer Service or Technical Support Ticket - SolarWinds, thanks!

  • We just purchased DRS and I downloaded and installed RC12.  I think I have found some minor bugs with the Global Host List and the Saved Host List.  Do I open a support ticket for these or go somewhere else since it is not Generally Released yet?

  • I have resolved the issue. I installed our certifikat again, it works fine now.

  • Got it, so you would like to copy agents from Remote Host List to Global Host List with ability to define some customer information and credentials. We currently intentionally do not store credentials centrally as we see that as a high security risk. Someone who would gain access to your central server would automatically have access to your whole host list. However I made a record of feature request of your request to move hosts between Remote and Global hosts lists and also with customer information (including credentials). Thanks for feedback!