Scaling Up and Out With the Orion Platform

SolarWinds Registered OrionRegistered Platform products are designed with flexibility in mind to cover networks of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re monitoring a large datacenter or hundreds of small retail locations, we’ll talk through the different options for the most efficient coverage of your environment. We’ll also showcase a few of the features from recent releases benefitting everyone but are particularly useful when monitoring large environments.


Scalability Engine Guidelines for SolarWinds Products

Orion Platform Scalability – Academy Training Class

SolarWinds Upgrade Resource Center 


Solving for Scalability: Design Techniques for Growing Networks and the Monitoring Tools that Love Them 

Network Configuration Manager Scalability – An Extreme Example

What is the Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) and How Does it Work? 

Along the River of Data, There Are Streams and Flows. (Packet Streams and Data Flows) 

On-demand recording of this year’s Custom Properties – The 2020 Edition THWACKcamp session Why Scalable Networks Need Scalable Monitoring 

Orion at Scale: Best Practices for the Big League 

Enterprise-Class Scalability of Orion Products 

Lab Episodes:

SolarWinds Lab: Customizing the Orion Platform With the SolarWinds API and SWQL 

Lab #89 – 2020.2 Releases 

SolarWinds Lab: Building Stellar Orion Reports From the Ground Up 

SolarWinds Lab: How Well Do You Know the Orion Platform? Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos 

SolarWinds Lab: Boosting Orion Platform Performance With New Maps, Syslog/Trap Engines 

SolarWinds Lab Bits: Solving for Scalability 

Thwack - Symbolize TM, R, and C