Maximize Your Remote Support With Dameware Remote Everywhere

This year we saw the consolidation of the work from home and hybrid remote workspaces, so having a way to support your end-users remotely is no longer just a perk, but an unmissable tool in your IT kit. Being able to remote into workstations is important, but here are 3 added ways in which SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere (DRE) can help make your life and your end users’ lives easier.

Stay Proactive

Being reactive to incoming issues isn’t the only way to provide support, thanks to the Monitoring and Alerts feature in DRE, which can be used to keep an eye on Windows devices and see changes in CPU or memory load, check if a process has stopped running, a device has gone offline, and more.

You can also set up an email alert to be triggered by one of these events, so you can always be on top of rising issues, or set up a script to run automatically when, for example, CPU load is less than 2% for more than 60 minutes.

Make the Most Out of a Support Session

DRE allows you to use command line functions to run different scripts or executables in the background using low bandwidth, so you don’t disturb your end-users or need them to switch on their devices. But what happens when you must start a full remote support session? You want to make the most of your time and resolve the issue without needing further sessions.

You can improve your sessions by using the pre-session and in-session live chats, VoIP calling, or starting a video call without interrupting the session which is currently active. This helps you understand exactly what the end users’ issues are and helps you provide more accurate support. Also, all the messages sent using the chat are saved automatically into the session logs, so you never lose track of anything that happened.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Now, I’ve mentioned end users or clients quite a bit because in the end, their satisfaction is one of the key measurements for the technician’s performance. That’s where DRE’s reporting capabilities come in.

Set up a post-session survey for your end users, so they can evaluate the performance of the technicians. You will then be able to see overall session reports, which include session details, technician’s performance, and the survey summaries.


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