Keep Costs Down with IT Asset Management Enhancements to SolarWinds Discovery

Nearly every organization is dealing with COVID-19 and its impact, which includes financial pressures that lead to reduced IT budgets and a need to cut costs. However, reining in costs such as IT spending on hardware, software, and cloud services isn’t easy if you don’t have full visibility into your assets. Many organizations lack a single source of truth for IT assets, which can have different operating systems and hardware types and are often spread across multiple asset repositories, deployment models, and physical locations.

Comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities can help you keep costs down by using a centralized asset repository and integrations with multiple discovery data sources to identify areas where you’re overspending on unnecessary hardware, software, and cloud services. This enables you to make better business decisions on IT assets supporting your organization while mitigating risks and staying compliant with your software purchases.

This functionality is also the first step to building a configuration management database (CMDB), which helps you understand how your infrastructure impacts the services you provide your employees. A robust ITAM solution can also offer deeper contextual information on your IT environment, such as information on relationships between IT components, which gives you insights on how these components work together to support service delivery.

Finally, COVID-19 has resulted in a new normal for organizations, due to many employees who are working from home. Modern ITAM software helps you support this remote workforce by allowing you to track and manage the lifecycles of your IT assets from anywhere, anytime.

To help us deliver a comprehensive, robust, and modern IT asset management solution to our customers, we are excited to introduce several major enhancements to SolarWindsRegistered Discovery, our ITAM solution that accurately discovers, maps, and manages your IT assets in SolarWindsRegistered Service Desk.

What’s New?

We are adding the following new capabilities and enhancements to the SolarWinds Discovery solution:

  • New Discovery and Jamf Mobile Device Management (MDM) Integration gives you visibility into asset data on Apple devices by incorporating asset information from Jamf into SolarWinds Service Desk.
  • New Discovery and Microsoft Azure Integration increases visibility into your cloud assets by incorporating asset information from Azure into SolarWinds Service Desk.
  • Enhanced Discovery and OrionRegistered Platform Integration builds on the previous Discovery-Orion integration by enabling you to automatically detect, map, and import dependencies between your Orion assets into SolarWinds Service Desk.
  • New Asset Management Capabilities in the Service Desk Mobile App give you instant, on-the-go access to your assets while allowing you to easily scan new assets via a mobile device.

Overview of New ITAM Enhancements

These new capabilities and enhancements in SolarWinds Discovery allow you to consolidate asset information from Jamf, Microsoft Azure, the Orion Platform and other data sources into SolarWinds Service Desk. This single, up-to-date repository gives you comprehensive visibility into IT asset, configuration, and dependency information across both your cloud and on-premises environments.

Discovery Marketecture Diagram.png

As a result, you can keep costs under control while mitigating risks since you now have insights into all IT assets in your organization, no matter where they reside. These capabilities also enable you to align your assets with IT service management (ITSM) processes such as incident, problem, and change management. Finally, visibility into configuration and dependency information helps you quickly diagnose and resolve infrastructure issues by better understanding their root causes. Let’s take a closer look into some of the key use cases addressed by these ITAM enhancements. 

Key Use Cases

Asset Management

By incorporating asset information from Jamf, Microsoft Azure, and the Orion Platform into SolarWinds Service Desk, you can know what assets you have in your organization. Additional out-of-the-box integrations with asset repositories and configuration management solutions such as MicrosoftRegistered System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), VMwareRegistered vCenter, AmazonRegistered Web Services (AWS) and more give you complete visibility into assets across your organization.

This is an important step to understand where you’re spending your IT budget and areas where you can trim costs. For example, SolarWinds Service Desk can help you discover that you’ve been purchasing brand new laptops for your employees but that you also have dozens of unused laptops that can easily be repurposed.

You can even proactively address potential risks to service availability by discovering unknown assets that may impact your IT services. Greater asset visibility also helps you stay compliant with your software purchases by uncovering software licensing contracts.

Configuration Management

Consolidating asset information from Jamf, Microsoft Azure, and other discovery data sources allows you to build out and keep your SolarWinds Service Desk CMDB up to date. The enhancements to the SolarWinds Discovery and Orion Platform integration enable you to automatically populate your CMDB with asset data and relationships between Orion infrastructure.

As a result, you can tie insights from your CMDB to your ITSM practices and improve key service management processes such as incident, problem, change, and release management. For instance, visibility into configuration data from Jamf and Microsoft Azure as well as both configuration and dependency information from Orion can help you streamline your change management processes while minimizing the impact of changes to your employees. 


These enhancements also accelerate root cause analysis of infrastructure issues since you can attach detailed configuration and dependency information from Jamf, Microsoft Azure, the Orion Platform, and other data sources to incidents and problems in SolarWinds Service Desk.

When triaging and troubleshooting infrastructure issues, IT teams often lack visibility into the root causes of the issues due to missing or incomplete configuration and dependency data. Adding accurate configuration and dependency information to incidents and/or problems gives your technicians better insights into the underlying causes of infrastructure issues.

For example, one of your employees could have a MacBook with a history of issues that has resulted in multiple incidents over the years. Adding this contextual information to a new incident in SolarWinds Service Desk via Jamf configuration data can help your IT teams rapidly diagnose and resolve this issue.

Remote Workforce Support

With many employees working from home right now, you may need to support a remote workforce. In these circumstances, it’s critical to have access to your IT assets no matter where you are.

New IT asset management capabilities in the SolarWinds Service Desk mobile app enable you to better support remote employees with instant, on-the-go access to your assets. You can easily track and manage your asset inventory regardless of the time or location. You can even add, identify, or update IT assets with new scanning capabilities in the mobile app.

If you have any questions or feedback on these enhancements, please comment below. You can also check out this new functionality with a free 30-day trial of SolarWinds Service Desk.

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