Writing Challenge Day 4: I Was Today Years Old When I Learned...

I was less than a year old when I learned how to eat.
I was eight years old when I learned I loved baseball.
I was nine years old when I learned about losing a parent.
I was 15 years old when I learned to drive.
I was 19 years old when I learned about love.
I was 25 years old when I learned about love’s heartbreak.
I was 30 years old when I learned about SolarWinds.
I was 34 years old when I learned I wanted more from my career.
I was 37 years old when I learned I can start over in my career and in love.
I was 44 years old when I learned I could participate in a writing challenge.
I was 47 years old when I learned I had barely scratched the surface of what I could learn.

  • I was 14. I was taking architecture and drafting classes. I wanted to design things. I wanted to build things.

    I got my first Windows computer. 3.11 with the upgrade to 95. Mail order from a major company. So many problems. So many parts mailed to me. So many support calls. So much troubleshooting. I got used to never having the case cover on. I tested out of a computers class. I helped the teacher in the next computers class when they were stumped. I went and got a BS in IS.

    I design things. I build things. Just not in the way I was expecting.

  • For me personally, it's the age old adage "Everyday is a school day".  And over my time on this planet, I've come full circle, and learned that I am never the cleverest person in the room, and that's perfectly ok.

    It is better to have learned and forgot, than to never have learned at all

  • I was Covid days old when I learned about using Bing Maps in Excel to plot data.


  • I have learned this year that IT doesn't evolve as much as the rest of the world does. Putting so much into keeping up with IT is nothing compared to trying to keep up with life in general. It has taught me a valuable lesson IT isn't everything. 

  • I love the way lots of people have followed your structure and boy have some gone to town, great effort   and  

    I wish I had more time to write a proper response, but I am being pestered to put up Christmas lights, which is something I have said I will do each year since the kids were born, but sadly have never quite made it. This is not going to be Christmas Vacation levels, but my family needs as much cheer as it can get after a terrible year.

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