Writing Challenge Day 28: When This Is Over

When this is over, will we shake hands again?
Will we make plans again?
Or will it all be banned again?

When this is over, will we commute again?
Will offices be absolute again?
Or will my car be moot again?

When this is over, will we still carry hand sanitizer?
Will we be any wiser?
Or will we forget it all like a blur?

I wouldn’t dare speak for the rest of the world, But for myself, these things are sure:

When this is over, I’ll take fewer things for granted
I’ll make the most of the seeds I’ve planted
I’ll work harder for the things I’ve always wanted

When this is over, I’ll prioritize my happiness
I’ll try so hard to worry less
I’ll always give my very best

When this is over—and it will be—
I’ll be the best possible version of me.


Poetry aside: when this is over, I’m getting a haircut (it’s been 296 days, but who’s counting?) and rebooking the European vacation I had planned for Spring 2020. What about you?

  • When this is over, I look forward to actually hanging out at the office. I have still gotten to know these lovely people virtually, but I look forward to the day when we are comfortable being in the same space together. Genuinely, I most look forward to allowing my son a somewhat normal childhood. We have had several conversations in the past months about all the things he misses and is missing out on. This has been hard on our kids. I have done what I could (and felt safe/comfortable) doing to help facilitate things from online gaming so he can get social activity with his friends to video calls with family members to keep them in touch. Unfortunately, he is still missing so much - regular school, in person friend hang outs, sports, extracurricular activities, and more. 

    Back to more positive - when this is over, I look forward to traveling more, attending conferences, and meeting and seeing lovely people. 

  • When this is over, I'll get a haircut and travel again.  I'll hug my friends and loved ones for a long embrace.  I'll have a big get together to make up for all the birthdays and holidays.  I'll take more vacation time to get out.  I'll play more board games and local co-op games just to be in the same room as my friends.  Even if we're not playing, I'll hang out more even if it means I'm just taking a nap at their place and just enjoying the company or being in the moment with them.

    When this is over, I hope wearing masks is still a normal thing. To which I mean wearing one when you want to when after the rules no longer require it.  I know it was normal before in other countries like Japan, whereas not so much here until the pandemic.  I found masks helped cut down my allergies and I was hardly sick this year.   I still feel like a ninja or subzero when I wear one, so I'd probably would still like to wear it now and then in the future without getting weird looks.

  •  You are a good person for offering to run a game! I miss in-person games too. The atmosphere of a packed store on game night... it's unbeatable. 

     10 out of 10, excellent contribution. This made me smile.

     I don't remember the last movie I saw in theaters. It might have been Star Wars. 

     We'll get through it. I just wish we had a better idea of when!

  • What struck me about today's theme was the wishfulness and wistfulness, but also the hopefulness of looking forward.

    "When this is over" has, at it's heart, the acknowledgement that "Some day, soon, this WILL all be over." We can see it; picture ourselves in it; plan for the time when it arrives.

    If that doesn't capture the essense of "Accentuate the Positive", I don't know what does.

  • When this is over. 

    Depends greatly on what your specific 'this' is. If its the global health issues, then 'this' will probably be over sometime in 2021. If 'this' is the hack reported on December 14th then.... 

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