Writing Challenge Day 26: Adventures in Home Tech Support

There came a time when a decree went out from Caesar Augustus parents to their children to return to their own city to be registered fix all the IT problems.

We’re right in the middle of Christmas festivities, and any other year most of us would be enjoying our free time and the company of loved ones. Having great food, great conversations, singing, and laughing together.

If you’re like myself and you don’t feel the urge to hang out around your extended family for too long over the Christmas holidays, you might have found ways to have “alone time.” This season with my family would usually be a big party. Many cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and friends gathering at my parent’s house to celebrate together. The festivities were sometimes going on for 3 – 5 days with relatives “changing the guest beds,” which was clearly too much for me. Don’t get me wrong I really love my relatives and I enjoy having time with them together, but not as long as they would.

I found if I offer IT help for them, I could go to my old apartment and “do my stuff” without being called a Grinch. I remember one year where I was fixing three computers and cleaning up software from two mobile phones for my relatives.

This has become a habit and I think I’ll deeply miss it this year. However, my relatives have discovered remote support tools and video conferencing with me this year, so I guess (hope) there will be some remote calls and remote support sessions coming up over the next weeks.

And let’s face it, us IT folks like showing off our “superpowers” and we also have the urge to fix stuff. Even though I roll my eyes when my dad calls me, asking for help with some of his “PC problems,” I really enjoy giving him advice, as he gave me advice when I grew up.

I hope you’re all safe out there, enjoy the festivities and have a great start into 2021.


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