Writing Challenge Day 25: How to Safely Entertain Guests During a Pandemic

In a pandemic, there are but three rules you should follow.

  • First, wear a mask.
  • Second, wash your hands frequently.
  • Third, stay the [redacted] home.

Now, I know those rules are easier said than done. Well, not the mask part. Or the hand washing. If you cannot do those simple things, then natural selection is going to catch you sooner than later.

The third item, though. That one’s hard to follow. Especially after months of isolation. This is why we have rule 3a: stay six feet apart from other humans (that’s two meters for anyone outside the USA reading this).

If you find yourself wanting to entertain at home during a pandemic, the safest way is to meet outdoors. Wear your mask (when not eating/drinking), stay six feet apart, and keep the gathering small, no more than 10 people. Avoid sharing objects, such as serving utensils.

If you’re providing food, think about pre-packaged options. For example, instead of having a large bowl of popcorn that everyone shoves their filthy, disgusting hands into, buy a box of popcorn bags from your local grocery warehouse.

Lastly, keep the duration of the event to a minimal amount of time. If your guests aren’t leaving after two hours or so, start coughing and they’ll leave right away.

Of course, the safest way to entertain during a pandemic is to order food online, have it delivered to all your friend’s homes, and use Zoom to meet virtually. This way you can shove your whole face into the popcorn bowl, drink the entire bottle of wine, and no one will care. 

  • Covid has influenced every person. This topic is very relevant today and we raised it at the university. I decided to go to the site https://www.grabmyessay.com/samples/category/chemistry to see examples of work. It was difficult for me to describe the impact of the pandemic on psychology and sociology across several countries. Thanks to the experts, I understood where I made mistakes and was able to learn a lot of new things.

  • Staying home is definitely best.  It is hard to do.  I have a huge family and all the big parties were canceled. We did Zoom but that is definitely NOT the same or even close.   We are planning a big Christmas in July family party.  Hopefully, we will be able to do that!

  • I think many have said it, 

    Stay home, then when in doubt, stay the (bleep) home.   Mask, with a face shield over it, bathe in sanitizer, and basically wash your hands until your skin comes off.   Beyond that stay home.  

  • Most everyone is doing the right thing. I won't do anything to put my mom (90 years young), kids (3) or grandkids (4) in harms way. Life is precious and short, if nothing else COVID-19 has reinforced that in me.

  • I may offer a re-ordering of your items 1-3, if we want this pandemic to go away sooner, and to have fewer fatalities:

    1.  Stay at home.  It's the simplest thing possible--don't socialize with folks outside your "COVID-19 Bubble".  Sure, it's not as fun.  We can do things that aren't as fun--when it means we can eventually get together with friends and family again without risking someone inadvertently spreading the disease and someone else paying the price of sickness, hospital stays, or even death.

    2.  If you go out, ALWAYS wear a mask over your mouth AND over your nose.  No exceptions.  And if you see a business that's not enforcing that, speak with the Manager.  Inform them they have competing businesses that DO care about customer safety, and that you'll be taking your business to them instead of offering custom to a business that isn't comfortable with confrontation.  I did this just yesterday at a gas station/convenience store where six of the ten customers weren't wearing masks.  I won't be shopping there again, and the Manager knows it.  If we all do this, the problem goes away.  It's amazing how well it works!  No one feels singled out, no one's resentful of others because they aren't making the same sacrifices for others as we are.

    3.  Use Sanitizer.  And don't touch your face.

    But really, the secret to socialization during a pandemic is to not do it.  Or, not do it in person.  Masks aren't needed on Zoom calls.

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