Virtually Yours: Virtualization Manager, Virtualization Head Geek, Virtualization Field Day 4

What a wonderful week of virtualization goodness! It started out with a webinar covering three skills (monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting) that every virtualization admin needs to hone and combine with one tool to become the master of their virtualized universe. The recorded webinar including short presentation, demo, and Q&A is below. And it starts at the demo portion.

Next, I was humbled and honored to be formally announced as the Virtualization Head Geek including my own presser. The icing on top of the cake was hosting the Tech Field Day crew and the delegates for Virtualization Field Day 4 at the SolarWinds campus. Absolutely loved the conversations. Below is a side-by-side P2V of the Virtualization Field Day 4 folks.


[UPDATED VFD4 delegate's posts]:

VFD4 DelegateBlog Post
Amit Panchal How SolarWinds aims to offer a simple perspective - VFD4

Virtually yours,

The New Head Geek of Virtualization