Transact-SQL Scripts for the Webcast "How to Troubleshoot SQL Server Memory Issues"

On August 26 2021, I presented a webcast on How to Troubleshoot SQL Server Memory Problems. If you missed it, you can watch the webcast on demand at https://www.sentryone/webinars. This session covers industry best practices and workflow for finding and fixing memory problems on SQL Server and Azure SQL data platforms. I'd enjoy hearing your feedback, especially since I'm planning to cover how to troubleshoot CPU and security issues in future webinars. 

During the webcast, I used assorted Transact-SQL scripts to expose the most important metrics for detecting, diagnosing, and resolving memory issues down to the root cause. 

I've had many requests for the scripts via email and social media, so I'm posting it here for your convenience. I'd love to hear your feedback if you have diagnostic queries of your own that I haven't otherwise covered or if you have suggestions for improving the script. Let's improve the scripts together!

By the way, this is one in a series of how-to webcasts I’ve presented during 2021. You can see all of these older webcasts on-demand at the SolarWinds Database Webcast Library. Other how-to sessions include:

  • How to Troubleshoot SQL Server IO Problems
  • How to Design and Normalize a Database
  • How to Conduct a Database Design Review
  • How to Conduct a Transact-SQL Code Review
  • How to Conduct a SQL Server Configuration Review

For each of the "how-to" webcasts, you'll also get a Transact-SQL file to help you identify the red flags in each area. Meanwhile, if you're kicking yourself for having missed the live experience of the webcast, you can subscribe to the SentryOne (now a part of SolarWinds) events calendar SentryOne Webcast Events Newsletter towards the bottom of the webpage.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming webcast soon! Cheers,


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