The Service Management Web

I have been working with our Web Help Desk team the past couple of months, so I have learned a lot about Service Management. The first thing that strikes me is how much easier it is to implement and use compared to the NOC builds I used to do in the 90"s. The typical ticketing system back then was a client/server application running on a proprietary database. Not only were these systems a nightmare to install, we would also have to train a DBA and the help desk team before anyone could use it. The installation, configuration and testing was about a two week process, performed by me, the NOC Consultant.

Get Service Management Running Quickly!

What was my experience this time around? A lot of things have changed for the better, here is this list!

  • Installation under 20 minutes.
  • Choice of industry standard databases.
  • Configuration and testing in one day.
  • A great deal of flexibility with out feeling like I was lost in a spider web.

That's when it hit me! It really felt like a spider web trying to get those old systems humming. It wasn't the nice, concentric type of web, more the spider on crack CIA experiment web.

Join Us and See for Yourself

On November 15 at 11:00 AM CTS Manish Chacko and I will be hosting a live Webinar feature Web Help Desk Solutions to Difficult Service Management Issues. This will be a one hour deep dive into the flexibility and ease-of-use built into Web Held Desk.  Look for an invitation for this event soon!