The Actuator – April 8th

This week’s Actuator comes to you from Week 4 of N, as there’s no end in sight to our current situation. Everyone here is adjusting as best as possible. I hope you and your family are healthy and well. Keep washing your hands and stay home!

As always, here's a bunch of links I hope you find useful. Enjoy!

Google's COVID-19 reports show where people are obeying stay-at-home orders
I have doubts about Google when it comes to privacy, but this is a good use of data they have been collecting.

Microsoft Azure European Regions Starting to Hit Capacity Limits
Sorry folks, the Cloud is closed, the Moose out front should have told you.

Microsoft’s Ignite is Going Digital Only, Cancels In-Person Event
Microsoft is already making plans for events in 2021 to be online only. In case you needed to know just how long it may be before “normal” happens again.

Security and Privacy Implications of Zoom
Scathing report about Zoom and how they are awful at security and privacy.

Washington State Legalizes Restricted Use of Facial Recognition Technology
Interesting to see this move forward. Here’s hoping it is a successful model for other states.

A new phone-tracing technology could tell if you've been exposed to the coronavirus — without sacrificing privacy
Sounds good, but it only works if testing is readily available.

Toilet Paper Calculator
In case you were wondering if you had enough or not.

This is what hanging out at the mall with your friends looks like these days.



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