The Actuator – April 17th

Back from Copenhagen and back writing the Actuator after Suzanne’s takeover last week. Thanks to everyone for their supporting comments, both public and private. I’ve got more travel coming up, so maybe we will have more takeovers. Stay tuned.

As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!

Tesla boom lifts Norway's electric car sales to record market share

One thing I noticed last week in Copenhagen was the quiet. Electric cars do more than cut down on fossil fuels; they also reduce noise pollution.

Amazon wants to launch 3,236 satellites so it can rain down internet from space

Pretty ambitious project for an online bookstore.

Yahoo tries again to settle lawsuit over massive data breach. This time it offers $118 million

This works out to about 4 cents per breached account. Sorry, not sorry, that’s the message being sent here.

Walmart says its new robots will make human employees happier

Looking forward to a kid hacking the robots and rolling back prices.

Internet Explorer security flaw allows hackers to steal files

The old “file association” trick that has been used for various exploits over the past 20 years. Microsoft doesn’t think this is critical, but you might want to push an update to your devices that removes the default association for now.

540 million Facebook records left exposed due to sloppy third-party developer security

I am really starting to believe that Facebook might not be good at security.

Facebook spent $22.6m to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe last year

Well, Facebook can secure and protect the privacy of at least one person. That’s a start, I guess.

One of many beautiful views from walking around Copenhagen last week. This is Nyhavn, a fancy word for "New Haven":


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