The Actuator - March 11th

After two weeks away at events it is good to be back home, safe and healthy. I hope the same is true for anyone reading this post. Here's hoping the second half of the year sees a return to normalcy, whatever that may mean for you.

As always, here's a bunch of links I hope you will find useful. Enjoy!

“Let’s use Kubernetes!” Now you have 8 problems
I'm still believing in 18 months k8s will be replaced with native tools provided by cloud service providers.

Gmail Is Catching More Malicious Attachments With Deep Learning
Google monitors 300 billion(!) attachments each week, it's no surprise they need to use deep learning techniques to have a fighting chance.

“Shark Tank” TV star loses almost $400,000 in Business Email Compromise scam
It's only money, right? Good reminder that this scam works on everyone; never think you're immune.

South by Southwest 2020 has been canceled because of coronavirus
What will all those hipsters do with their free time?

Google location data turned a random biker into a burglary suspect
When you share your location data with an app, you should assume it will ultimately be shared with law enforcement. Your data will never be kept private, and it could be used against you.

Over one billion Android devices at risk as they no longer receive security updates
There ought to be a law against the practice of distributing hardware devices and then not providing security updates, forcing you to purchase new hardware.

Microsoft will pay hourly workers regular wages even if their hours are reduced because of COVID-19 concerns
Bravo. Now let's see is Bezos and Ellison open their wallets, too.

Ah, Germany, your ability to turn meat into a pretzel is most impressive.