Submit Your Slogans!


Some of the best conversations I've had at trade shows started with a button.

People swing by our booth at VMWorld, MS:Ignite, or CiscoLive (psssst! We'll be there again this coming July 10-14). People wander by and their eye is caught by a button proclaiming:


or a sticker that says


...and they have to have it. And then they have to talk about why they have to have it. And before you know it, we're having a conversation about monitoring, or configuration management, or alert trigger automation.

And that's what conventions are all about, right? Finding common ground, connecting with similar experiences, and sharing knowledge and ideas.

It has gotten to the point where (and I swear I'm not making this up) people rush up to the booth to dig through our buckets of buttons and piles of stickers, looking for the ones they don’t have, yet.

Here’s a secret: One of my favorite things about working at SolarWinds is that we have whole meetings dedicated to brainstorming new phrases. I get a rush of excitement when something I suggested is going to be on the next round of convention swag.

And for those of us who have the privilege of going to shows and seeing people eagerly snatch up their new prize? The pride we feel when OUR submission is the thing that is giving attendees that burst of joy is akin to watching your baby take her first steps.

We want to share that experience with you, our beloved THWACK community.

Now this is nothing new. We’ve made requests for slogans before, most recently here and here. The difference is that we’re turning this into an ongoing “campaign” on Thwack.

Submit your slogan suggestions for buttons, stickers, or even t-shirts here​: Once a quarter a top-secret panel of judges will convene and review the entries, picking the top 5 entries.

If one of your submissions is chosen to be immortalized, you will receive - along with immeasurable pride and boundless joy – 1,000 THWACK points. Not only that, but you will earn your slogan as a badge in your THWACK profile. Best of all, you can submit and win as many times as your creativity and free time at work will allow.

So let those creative juices flow and unleash your enthusiasm for all things IT and geeky. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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