RyanAdzima_ThwackAmbassador.pngRyan Adzima is an IT manager in the field of higher education. In his role as IT manager, Ryan oversees the day-to-day operations of a large, dynamic network and works on many network and server projects. With his extensive background and experience as a network engineer, he takes a very hands-on approach to IT management.

On any given day, the school’s network handles 3000+ devices, most of which are wireless. The very nature of higher education networks means IT organizations must have a solid “bring your own device” (BYOD) plan in place. With that said, Ryan stresses the importance of finding the right balance between providing secure, yet easily accessible network access for students and faculty.

Even with everything on Ryan’s plate, he still manages to maintain two blog sites. The first site is A Boring Look | My Life in Text (unlike its name, the site is definitely not boring). Ryan describes it as a brain dump of the many different things he’s learned throughout his career, as well as a venue to share his take on new products and technologies. His second blog site, Techvangelist, offers a more technical, unbiased review of many different products and technologies, including virtualization, routing & switching, security, servers, and wireless. There’s also some great How-To’s!

Ryan holds many certifications, including his CCNA, various Microsoft certs, and he's a member of Mensa. Pretty impressive! He’s also working on getting the CWNP certifications and CCIE. Plus, he’s a SolarWinds Thwack Ambassador who is very well-versed in many SolarWinds products, including NPM, NCM, UDT, NetFlow, STM, and Virtualization Manager.

He uses quite a few SolarWinds products and says his favorite product out of the mix “has got to be UDT. It’s simple and easy to use but saves me a TON of time when I need to track down that printer that the helpdesk forgot to get a config page from before provisioning or when a client loses a device, or we’re tracking a repeat offender of a rogue wireless AP/server/etc. It also gives me a log of where and when people are logging in around campus. Like I said, it’s such a simple product but well worth every penny.”

Check out Ryan’s blogs. I guarantee you’ll learn something new and interesting!


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Twitter handle: @radzima