Out of Office: DevOpsDays Tel Aviv Preview

Starting Thursday, I'll be in Israel to meet some customers, attempt to eat my body weight in kosher shwarma, and speak at DevOpsDays Tel Aviv.

Since I'll be tweeting about it (@LeonAdato and @DevOpsDaysTLV) incessantly I figured I would give you all a heads up and let you know what I hope to achieve and hope to learn. You know, besides how much shwarma I can eat before it kills me. But what a way to go!

First, very much like my time at DevOpsDays Ohio, I hope to continue to have conversations about monitoring in a world of "cattle, not pets."

Second, I am looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can as our industry continues the shift from on-premises to cloud. Seeing how companies big and small are adapting to the new reality of computing is both exciting to me as a veteran of IT and a source of great insight for where monitoring may be going in the future.

Finally, I am eager to see how the flavor of DevOps changes outside of the United States. You see, even within the U.S., there are nuances. In Austin, the crowd was almost entirely developers-who-do-ops. But in Ohio, it was 70% operations folks who were coming to grips with how they've also become developers. So I expect the event in Tel Aviv is going to teach me some more about this amazing, vibrant, and diverse community.

More to come on this after the event next week!

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