IT Life Coach: Tips for the Busy Network Engineer

Just as Kevin () and I did for SysAdmins in the last IT Life Coach video, so we do now for the network side of the house. The whole video is posted here: and this post is really just a summary to pique your interest. Once again, we’re skipping the common-but-not-so-useful pieces of advice and trying to focus in on specific commands, techniques, and habits that will serve you throughout your career as a network tech.

We start off with what I like to call “basic network butt-saves:” commands or techniques that could save your bacon in an emergency. Things like the “reload in” command, backing up your configurations, and making sure you always have a USB-to-console cable in your network go-bag.

We wax philosophic about the features we look for in terminal programs. And we get a little ranty about mistakes we’ve seen people make when setting up switch stacks.

Finally, we offer a piece of advice I think is relevant no matter what area of tech you choose to focus on: don’t work so hard to memorize things. Yes, I said it. “Google IT” is a thing, meaning you can always rely on the search engine of your choice to find information you know exists, even if you’re not sure where it is.

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