Introducing the IT Life Coach Series

Life coaches were all the rage a few years back—someone with an unbiased eye and a bit of experience who you invited into your life to offer unvarnished opinions and advice. Part drill sergeant, part therapist, part parent (but one you’d actually listen to), people in this line of work offered to help guide people through every manner hurdle commonly faced in the course of “adulting:” finance, home decor, personal style, work negotiations, self-confidence, and more.

It is in this spirit we created the “IT Life Coach” series. In a short blog or video, my frequent partner-in-tech-hijinks Kevin M. Sparenberg ()  and I share some common issues and quick fixes that have helped us through our IT careers. To be clear, these aren’t two-hour videos talking you through an enterprise-scale Kubernetes architecture. Like a good life coach, we’re sharing small, achievable pieces of advice you can quickly integrate into your IT habits.

Kevin and I hope you’ll take a few moments out of your day to watch or read them. And if you find them worthwhile, feel free to share.

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