How Secure is your Network?

A lot has been discussed thus far, about the need to secure your network and firewalls which are prone to vulnerabilities and attacks.  Before getting deep into the solutions that you need to secure our network, you need to understand the factors that determine your network security.

Typically, network security starts with monitoring your network for vulnerabilities that may enter the network to access potentially sensitive information in the form of security attacks.

Let us look at some of the vulnerable components in your network.

  • Your routers can be easily breached without proper configuration and restrictions. Talking of switches, attackers tend to undermine security by reconfiguring unmonitored switching rules, allowing “sniffing,” wherein an intruder can potentially capture all network traffic.
  • If a firewall isn’t correctly configured, a hacker can find a port accidentally left open and gain access to the network.
  • Servers are a target for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. When attacks are successful server performance decreases and can crash the server. Between outdated software, viral attachments, and smuggled-in flash drives, individual workstations are the Wild West of IT Security frontiers.
  • Security concerns around the BYOD too adds to the list. Rogue access points, social engineering, and botnet malware can make your wireless a porthole into your LAN.

The very purpose of IT security is to be proactive and responsive. You need to collect and analyze events data from your network devices, you need to protect your network from unauthorized configuration changes. Also it’s important to efficiently deploy and manage service packs and updates to third-party software applications on a regular basis.

You to have well-planned  configuration management, continuously monitor your network activities,  yet keep the back doors closed, and have the ability to rapidly identify, quarantine, and mitigate threats.

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