Hands-On With SolarWinds Sandwich Monitor 1.0

Finally out of Beta, today we’re releasing our newest Inventory Management product, SolarWinds Sandwich Monitor.  This addition to the SolarWinds product line will allow you to monitor and manage IT Consumables Inventory across your enterprise. Administrators finally get visibility into cold, high humidity environments via exclusive Sandwich Packet Sniffer technology.

“With Sandwich Packet Sniffer technology, I never have to stick my nose into a disgusting old sandwich bag”, said Dex Manley dexml, Sandwich Demo Product Manager. “You know how sometimes you see what looks like a ham and cheese waaaay in the back, and you’re really hungry?  Chain of custody for assured freshness can be very difficult to verify, especially when it’s not yours.  With Sandwich Monitor I never have to open the seal and get blasted with moldy baloney odor again.” said Dex.


In addition to freshness monitoring, SolarWinds Sandwich Monitor also includes Sandwich Component Monitoring with SandwichStack, making it easy to zero in on sandwich components which are not meeting freshness or taste SLAs.  SandwichInsight with Expert Advice makes it easy to resolve sandwich performance issues with minimal effort.

SandwichMap allows you to quickly locate sandwiches which have gone on walkabout.  Finally, ReheatMaps provide ideal orientation for re-heating warm sandwiches in a microwave.  ReheatMaps assure sandwiches are warmed evenly, even in challenging microwave RF environments.

I’m really happy about SandwichGPS.  No matter how many sticky notes you put on a container, they seem to magically shed just before lunchtime.  Sandwich Monitor can pinpoint thieves quickly, allowing quick retribution like ACL-ing out their YouTube traffic and blocking Facebook.  It was a stretch feature for the PM and Dev teams and it’s amazing it made it into the first version.

I think what I like best is that Sandwich Monitor is completely free, as we recognize all IT professionals, not just the amazing members of the thwack community, would really like to more proactively manage their sandwiches. It’s not enough to think you know where your sandwich is, and troubleshooting its disposition hours after coworkers have piled their huge lunchboxes all over it can be really frustrating.  And closing sandwich-related help desk tickets? Fuggedaboudit.