Gitex 2022, Dubai


It’s this time of the year again.
No, not Christmas. Not Thanksgiving. It’s much better!

It’s GITEX Time

Since 1996 GITEX GLOBAL has been the essential tech trade show in the Middle East.
And trust me when I say it got more interesting in 2018, as it was the first time we showed up.
Although, in the beginning, we tried it in a small booth, as we didn’t know what to expect:

Then, the same event, only a bit bigger, happened in 2019, and well, GITEX 2020 was rescheduled.
But in 2021, GITEX continued, we were back, and it was a phenomenal success for both the organizers and SolarWinds.

So, you’ve probably already guessed why I’m writing:
We’ll be exhibiting again in 2022
beginning Monday, October 10, and going on all week through Friday.

What to expect?

SolarWinds will be there with a big crew and hopefully an excellent booth design again.
Like last year’s beauty:

For 2022, we’ll showcase SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability and tell a story no one else can.

But of course, we’ll discuss other relevant topics as well:

Got a problem with application performance monitoring (APM)? We have a solution for you.
Are your databases acting up? We have a solution for you.
Are you still manually updating tickets in Level3? Well, we also have a solution for you.

I hope we’ll bring many t-shirts again, and indeed one or two other lovely items for our great customers who visit us for a chat.

Now, let me finish with some clues, so you’ll know where to find me in the evening:

Best Adana I’ve ever had. One of the many reasons why I like returning to Dubai.
See you there, but during the day we're in hall 7 booth F30.

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