Geekly World News: September


Welcome to the first edition of Geekly World News! Though you might be familiar with who we, the SolarWinds Head Geeks, are, let’s kick things off with some quick, fun intros for those not in the know. “Real” bios are linked to our names, if you’re interested.

Leon Adato

Leon is a seasoned IT pro with over 30 years of experience in many tech capacities. He brings his theater experience with him to help support our efforts as a veteran Head Geek, having joined the team in 2014 after spending some time as a SolarWinds customer and THWACK MVP. He’s passionate about monitoring all the things. He spends his spare time with his family and supporting his community both online and off.

Liz Beavers

Liz is the newest Head Geek, joining our team in July of this year, but has been an active contributor to the Service Desk community for several years. Her ITILRegistered 4 certification supports her efforts in the ITSM space to improve service management strategy throughout organizations and extending that strategy beyond IT. In her down time, she likes to spend time with family, her dog, and reading.

Sascha Giese

Sascha joined the Head Geeks in 2018 and is kept very busy as our resident international HG. He’s earned a wealth of experience with more than 12 years in IT and a multitude of certifications. He has a passion for good food, dressing sharp, and video games.

Patrick Hubbard

Patrick is the most tenured Head Geek on our team and has been an IT pro for more than 30 years. He helped create this job we get to love so much. His focus on cloud, hybrid IT, and automation support his efforts to help others level up their careers and businesses. Outside of work he enjoys his family, new puppy, and flying.

Thomas LaRock

Thomas is our resident “SQL Rockstar” with over 20 years’ experience in IT, including stints as a DBA and data analyst. He holds multiple certifications and is a 12-time MicrosoftRegistered MVP. He joined the team in 2014 but helped create Database Performance Analyzer when it was still owned by Confio Software. He’s renowned for his love of bacon but also loves to travel and spend time with his family.

Chrystal Taylor (me)

I started my tenure as a Head Geek in February of this year, which feels like a lifetime ago with the way 2020 has gone! Before that, I spent nine years working for a SolarWinds Partner and eight-plus of those years as a THWACK MVP. I have a 10-year-old kid, who is the best, and I spend most of my spare time gaming or reading.


The answer to that is a wide variety of things. Here I plan to share our published or recorded available on-demand work from the previous month ICYMI like blog posts, interviews, webinars, podcast episodes, etc. I’ll make announcements for planned events for the next month where you can catch us (virtually, for now) and options for live chat interactions. You can always reach out to us on social media in between those events.

So, what might you have missed in August?

2020: The Year IT Pros Were Built For by Leon Adato

It Takes a Village to Fix a Spreadsheet by Leon Adato

The Changing Face of IT by Leon Adato

Knowledge Management: An ITSM Lifeline to Connect Remote Employees by Liz Beavers

Service Level Management: Tying it Together With SLAs, SLOs, and XLAs by Liz Beavers

Here’s to the IT Pro! By Liz Beavers

Connecting the Digital Dots to Deliver Value and Service Success from the Brighttalk Summit featuring Liz Beavers

Newly available VoD: Support World Live featuring two talks with Liz Beavers covering the future of the service and support industry and implementing and refining change management in a remote environment. A Pass for Support World Live is required.

Celebrating IT Pro Day by Sascha Giese

How Can the Public Sector Get Remote Working Right? by Sascha Giese

Application performance management’s role in the ‘next normal’ by Sascha Giese

Protecting Patient Data Through Strict Access Rights Management by Sascha Giese

Accidental Cloud Administrator by Sascha Giese

How to Get Up to Speed at a New Gig in IT by Sascha Giese

What skills should modern IT professionals prioritise? By Sascha Giese

Newly available VoD: SolarWinds – What’s new in Network Management & ITSM in German featuring Sascha Giese

Nominations for SolarWinds Inaugural IT Pro Day Awards Now Open by Patrick Hubbard

How the New Microsoft and Citrix Partnership Puts Enterprise Anywhere by Patrick Hubbard

Current Status Episode 53: Home Lab in the Cloud or On-Prem podcast episode with Patrick Hubbard

No, You Still Don’t Need a Blockchain by Thomas LaRock

Data Security and Privacy at Home by Thomas LaRock

Top 7 data catalog use cases for enterprises featuring Thomas LaRock

Newly available VoD from Microsoft Ignite 2019 featuring Thomas LaRock

Newly available VoD: Optimizing and Tuning MongoDB featuring Thomas LaRock

Celebrating IT Pro Day From a New Vantage Point by Chrystal Taylor

Hey, [Insert Family/Friend Name Here], Let’s Talk About Online Security by Chrystal Taylor

What’s planned next?

Listen for a few of us to make appearances in TechPod soon. Upcoming topics include return to school and IT Pro Day, so keep an eye out for those!

September 9 – No Ticket Left Behind: Automating Alerts in the Service Desk with Liz Beavers and Chrystal Taylor

September 15 – IT Pro Day! We look forward to the announcement of the winners of the inaugural awards. Good luck to all that were nominated!

September 29 – Was gibt‘s Neues beim SolarWinds Application-Performance-Management und Datenbank-Performance-Management? Webcast in German by Sascha Giese

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