Geekly World News: October 2021

I’m excited for October! Here in Texas, October brings the Texas Renaissance Festival [Ed. note: HUZZAH!] in addition to our usual Halloween shenanigans. I’m happy to once again be working on costumes, and looking forward to my annual watching of Hocus Pocus. I hope you’re all looking forward to some fun in October as well. September saw us celebrating IT Pro Day and our second annual IT Pro Day Awards. I hope you were all celebrated and recognized as you deserve!

What might you have missed in September?

Everything I Needed to Know About IT I Learned From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Part One) by Leon Adato

Everything I Needed to Know About IT I Learned From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Part Two) by Leon Adato

VoD: IT Service Management: Streamline Your Workflows to Make Everyone Happier featuring Leon Adato and Kevin M. Sparenberg

VoD: Overprovisioned and Overspent: Optimize Before You Lift and Shift featuring Leon Adato and Kevin M. Sparenberg

TechPod: Lesley Carhart on Cybersecurity, IT Careers, and Service In and Out of the Military featuring Leon Adato

VoD: Application Tracing Is for Everyone Now featuring Leon Adato and Kevin M. Sparenberg

VoD: Cloud or On-Prem? With Monitoring, It’s Both-And, Not Either-Or featuring Leon Adato and Kevin M. Sparenberg

VoD: Why Change Control for Your Servers Is Important, and How to Do It featuring Leon Adato and Kevin M. Sparenberg

Speaking Up: Bridging the Space Between the Idea and the Publish Button by Leon Adato

Bring IT On in the Year of the Ox by Liz Beavers

Step Into My Headphones by Liz Beavers

Think HDI interviewed Liz Beavers as a member of HDI’s 2021 Strategic Advisory Board

VoD: Don’t Fret, Automate! Maximizing ITSM Resources With Automation featuring Liz Beavers

IT Pros to the World: Bring IT On by Sascha Giese

Public Sector IT: How Monitoring Could Be the Answer by Sascha Giese

Balancing Digital Transformation With Cybersecurity by Sascha Giese

Getting Cybersecurity Right in the Age of Remote Work by Sascha Giese

Transact-SQL Scripts for Webcast: How to Troubleshoot SQL Server CPU Issues by Kevin Kline

International Podcast Day With the Head Geeks by Kevin Kline

VoD: Tips to Master SQL Server on Linux in the Cloud featuring Kevin Kline

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Database Administrator featuring Kevin Kline

TechPod: The Disappearing DBA: Career Advice From a Data Janitor featuring Kevin Kline and Thomas LaRock

Avoid Security Apathy with DevSecOps by Thomas LaRock

Prepare Now for Cloud Database Migration by Thomas LaRock

VoD: The Importance of “Pretty” Things featuring Chrystal Taylor, Kevin M. Sparenberg, and Orion Platform PM Tony Johnson

Let’s Talk: Starting a Business Post-COVID-19? Here’s What to Consider featuring Chrystal Taylor

The Other Side of the Mic by Chrystal Taylor

What’s planned for October?

As always, look forward to TechPod featuring one or more of us at any time.

You can find Thomas LaRock regularly co-hosting the Raw Data Podcast, where they bring in industry pros to discuss top-of-mind topics.

If you haven’t heard, you can catch Leon Adato regularly hosting Technically Religious, where IT pros discuss their religious beliefs and where they intersect with IT.

Check out Sascha Giese on October 5 with a free webinar on The Hybrid Workspace Revisited: Trends, Insights, and Best Practices. Register here.

Sascha Giese will be at the IT-SA event in Nuremberg October 11-14. Check out the event here. Access for tested, vaccinated, and recovered persons with appropriate proof only. More information here.

On October 12, join Liz Beavers for a free Products in Practice webinar for Service Delivery and ITAM Success. Look forward to a deep dive into SolarWinds Service Desk.

Sascha Giese will also be at GITEX in Dubai October 17-21. You can check out the event here.

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