Geekly World News: April 2021

This goes live after April Fools day, so no need to worry about a trick… Now, you’re worried, right? Well, I guess you have to finish reading and check everything out for yourself. I hope you have/had a lovely spring holiday whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, World Health Day, or anything else. March kept us busy with the digital certificate re-signing, Cisco Live!, and Microsoft Ignite (and MVP biz for our resident Microsoft MVPs). The annual THWACK Bracket Battle is going on right now, and this year’s theme has me singing and dancing as I remember fun music from fake bands. Vote now or, if you missed the voting, check out who the community declared victorious.

What might you have missed in March?

Upgrade Tales From the Ticket Queue by Leon Adato

“SUDO Teach Me a Lesson” by Leon Adato

Change Is Hard by Leon Adato

Introducing the IT Life Coach Series by Leon Adato

Let’s Talk: How can you drive motivation and teamwork among staff? featuring Leon Adato

IT Life Coach: Tips for the Busy SysAdmin by Leon Adato

Question 1: Looking for a Monitoring Concept Primer by Leon Adato in Monitoring for Managers

Enterprise IT Cost Containment—A Series by Leon Adato

What IT Pros Should Consider for Their 2021 Resolutions by Leon Adato

4 Ways to Simplify IT Knowledge Management by Liz Beavers

ITSM For All: Bringing Human Resources into the Service Desk by Liz Beavers

Is Your Home Built to Last? Investing in Cloud-Based ITSM for a More Secure Tomorrow by Liz Beavers

Building Service Strength in a Unified ITSM Platform by Liz Beavers

VoD: How Your Service Desk Can Embrace Value Co-Creation From ITIL 4 featuring Liz Beavers

Public Sector Tech in 2021: Three Key Trends by Sascha Giese

Expert Says Machines Will Carry Out Most Tasks by 2025 featuring Sascha Giese

Confessions of an Upgrade Cheerleader by Patrick Hubbard

VoD: Products in Practice | Network Success Series featuring Patrick Hubbard

Cloud Economists: Bank’s Secret Competitive Advantage by Patrick Hubbard

5 Universal Steps to Cloud Database Migration by Kevin Kline

Further Tips on our Database Migration to the Azure Cloud Session at MS Ignite 2021 by Kevin Kline

Transact-SQL Script for Webinar "How to Conduct a Database Design Review" by Kevin Kline

SQL Server Community in a Post-PASS World by Kevin Kline

Key Challenges of Database Cloud Migration by Kevin Kline

VoD: Database Cloud Migration Done Right – SolarWinds Lab Episode #95 featuring Kevin Kline and Thomas LaRock

5 Things to Know About the Orion Platform Database Today by Thomas LaRock

TechPod®: Secure by Design | Helping Our Customers Get Back to Business featuring Thomas LaRock

VoD: Secure by Design: Getting Our Customers Back to Business featuring Thomas LaRock

VoD: Secure by Design: A SolarWinds Update for National Defenders featuring Thomas LaRock

TechPod: Secure by Design | Securing the Software Development Build featuring Thomas LaRock

VoD: Secure by Design: Securing the Software Development Build Environment featuring Thomas LaRock

More Upgrade Tales From the Ticket Queue by Chrystal Taylor

Year of Yes in Tech by Chrystal Taylor

Upgrade Better, Faster, Stronger by Chrystal Taylor

It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Personal Security Posture by Chrystal Taylor

What’s planned for April?

As always, look forward to TechPod featuring one or more of us at any time.

You can find Thomas LaRock regularly co-hosting the Raw Data Podcast, where they bring in industry pros to discuss top-of-mind topics.

If you haven’t heard, you can catch Leon Adato regularly hosting Technically Religious, where IT pros discuss their religious beliefs and where they cross or conflict with IT.

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