Geekly World News: September 2021

Welcome to September! IT Pro Day is just around the corner, and we hope you nominated someone (or multiple someones) for the second annual IT Pro Day Awards. We look forward to celebrating the winners and all IT pros this month. You’ve all earned a bit of celebrating. I’m excited for some (hopefully) lower temps, which will prompt me to spend more than zero amount of time outside. We look forward to connecting with y’all in the coming month (and always).

What might you have missed in August?

You Can Only Fix What You Measure (So Measure What You Want to Fix) by Leon Adato

IT Pro Day ’21: Bring IT On by Leon Adato

How to Formulate IT Strategies in the Post-Epidemic Era by Leon Adato (Simplified Chinese)

In These Strange Times, Can IT Pros Find an Ally in Automation? by Leon Adato

VoD: An IT Journey to Monitoring Glory: Welcoming Scope Creep featuring Leon Adato, Chrystal Taylor, and Kevin M. Sparenberg

Making Your Service Desk the GOAT by Liz Beavers

The Service Desk and Parenthood’s Shared Classroom by Liz Beavers

The Hottest Hyper-Automation Trends Disrupting Business Today featuring Sascha Giese

Cloud Migration: Creating a Timetable for Success by Sascha Giese

Resilient Infrastructure for a Secure Future by Sascha Giese

How to Deliver on the Potential of Public Sector Cloud Migration by Sascha Giese

Unsinkable Container Ships Part 3 - DNS to the Rescue by Sascha Giese

What’s Your IT Pro Journey? by Kevin Kline

Understanding Your Database and Applications in Acceleration to the Cloud by Thomas LaRock

The Parallax View [of Your IT Career] by Thomas LaRock

VMblog Expert Interview: SolarWinds Explores Findings From Its Eighth Annual IT Trends Report with Thomas LaRock

3 Soft Skills Important in a Digital Setting featuring Chrystal Taylor

Peer Recognition and Why it Matters by Chrystal Taylor

TechPod: Tech Career Origin Stories featuring Chrystal Taylor, Ivan Bravo, and THWACK MVPs , and .

What’s planned for September?

As always, look forward to TechPod featuring one or more of us at any time.

You can find Thomas LaRock regularly co-hosting the Raw Data Podcast, where they bring in industry pros to discuss top-of-mind topics.

If you haven’t heard, you can catch Leon Adato regularly hosting Technically Religious, where IT pros discuss their religious beliefs and where they intersect with IT.

Join Chrystal Taylor, Kevin Sparenberg, and PM Tony Johnson in the final part in our three-part THWACK livecast series, The Importance of Sharing “Pretty” Things, happening September 16 at 10 a.m. CT. Register today and be sure to catch up on parts one and two.

September 22 will see Kevin Kline at Blueprint LDN speaking about Maturity Modeling for Successful IT Ops.

September 29, join Liz Beavers for a free webcast on automation over on BrightTalk. Register here for Don’t Fret, Automate! Maximizing ITSM Resources With Automation.

Also on September 29, you can find Kevin Kline speaking on Five Tips to Master SQL Server on Linux in the Cloud. Register here.

September 30 will see Sascha Giese delivering a keynote for InfoSec SEE 2021 on What IT Pros Really Want.

Also September 30, Kevin Kline and Thomas LaRock will speak at Truth in IT with There’s More Than One Way to Monitor Database Performance.

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