Geekly World News - May 2022

It’s gonna be May… well, it already is, but who could miss the chance to bring up a meme? April saw us getting further back to in-person events. Sascha and I greatly enjoyed seeing all those who were able to attend SWUGTm in London (and I enjoyed sight-seeing a new-to-me city!). Getting to meet and chat with the community is one of the highlights of this gig, so we look forward to more opportunities in the future. April also saw the launch of SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability. If you missed it, check out more information in Brian Radovich’s post here.

What Might You Have Missed in April?

Why Complex Public Sector IT Needs Full-Stack Observability by Sascha Giese

Observability Is Taking IT Monitoring to the Next Level featuring Sascha Giese

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Future Prospects by Sascha Giese (Korean)

Five Reasons Why Observability Is the Next Big Thing for IT Monitoring featuring Sascha Giese

Three Questions to Ask Your Software Providers by Sascha Giese

A Guide to Infrastructure Monitoring for Your Distributed Enterprise by Sascha Giese

Five Universal Steps to Cloud Database Migration by Kevin Kline (Japanese)

Three Database Fixes Capable of Improving App Performance Overnight by Kevin Kline

Convince the C-Level Now of the Necessary Investments by Kevin Kline (German)

What Does Observability Mean to You? by Thomas LaRock

Overcoming IT Complexity With Full-Stack Observability by Thomas LaRock

Simplifying Cloud Database Migration Journeys by Thomas LaRock

TechPodTm: Monitoring for Managers: More Than a Cost Center featuring Chrystal Taylor

Twin Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience for Government Services by Chrystal Taylor

What’s Planned for May?

As always, you can look forward to TechPod featuring one or more of us at any time.

Thomas LaRock regularly cohosts the Raw Data Podcast, where they bring in industry pros to discuss top-of-mind topics.

Sascha Giese will be on the road as part of the Observability Roadshow. Register to attend these free events: Channel Partner Briefing in Johannesburg on May 10, 2022, or End-User Lunch Briefing in Johannesburg on May 11, 2022.

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