Geekly World News - December 2022

Well, the holiday season is in full swing now. No matter what or how you celebrate – and hey, maybe you’re just celebrating a change freeze – we hope you have a lovely time. We’ve wrapped up our public appearances for the year and are taking time to rest and reflect as we plan 2023. Thank you all for coming along with us this year. We’ve loved meeting and talking with you online and in person, and we hope to see you again next year. Cheers to another year!

What Might You Have Missed in November?

Public and Private Sector Cooperation is Vital in Controlling Cybersecurity Threats by Sascha Giese

Greater Observability Helps Manage Hybrid IT Complexity Across the Public Sector by Sascha Giese

Hybrid Cloud Observability featuring Sascha Giese (German)

Half of IT Pros Say Increased Complexity is the Number One Issue Facing Their Organization featuring Sascha Giese

Audit: Access Controls in All Environments featuring Sascha Giese

SolarWinds Global Tour 2022, Part 10/12 by Sascha Giese

Pulling the Trigger: Cloud Adoption Considerations for Today’s BFSI Operators by Thomas LaRock

3 Ways Educational Institutions Can Ensure They Make Proactive IT Security Investments by Thomas LaRock

2023 is the Year Tech Pros Finally Deal with Tool Sprawl by Chrystal Taylor

What’s Planned for December?

As always, you can look forward to TechPod featuring one or more of us at any time.

Thomas LaRock regularly cohosts the Raw Data Podcast, where they bring in industry pros to discuss top-of-mind topics.


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