Customer Interview: Fresenius Kabi Relies Only on SolarWinds SAM for Monitoring Servers & Critical Applications

I had an opportunity recently to interview a long time SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) customer, Prashant Sharma, IT Manager, Fresenius Kabi (India).


KR: As an IT manager, what are you primary roles and responsibilities?

PS: I’m in charge of the whole of IT where I manage the IT environment, look at IT security, data center performance, monitoring, and also application development.


KR: What other SolarWinds products do you currently own other than SAM and how are you using SAM?

PS: Other than SAM, we currently have NPM and NTA. For monitoring IT security, we use RSA, but I’m not happy with RSA as it’s too expensive to maintain and we are looking at replacing it with LEM. We have around 98 nodes and we use SAM to monitor the performance of servers, we monitor critical applications like SQL, SharePoint, IIS, AD, and we also have custom and out of the box applications we monitor for R&D using SAM. Since we have a huge R&D center, we do monitor applications in both development and production environment. We use the built in feature integrated virtualization module within Orion to monitor our virtual environment as we are a VMware shop.


KR: Why did you choose SAM and what other products did you look at before narrowing down on SAM?

PS: We chose SolarWinds products because they are easy to implement and troubleshoot. We are actually able to setup in about an hour. We have also never reached SolarWinds for any issues in the last 4 years of owning the product. SAM is cost effective software and we have all the features that we want in the product. We also evaluated other products from CA and Whatsup Gold. Ended up going with SolarWinds as it was fairly simple and straight forward. We also own NPM and NTA, and are able to monitor for issues easily with those as well.


KR: How was it before using SAM and how have things changed right now?

PS: SolarWinds is the only company we use for monitoring. Before SAM we didn't know how to troubleshoot for issues, didn't know where to go and look for issues and solve them. Now we are able to identify performance issues more easily with SAM and are able to save a lot of time and money. I also leverage thwack to find answers to anything I needs from other IT pros.

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