Audio Echo: My Podcast with

Last month, I had the pleasure and the privilege of sitting down with Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro of, to share some of my thoughts on monitoring, business justifications, the new features of NPM 11.5, and life in general. You can listen to the conversation here : Show 225 – SolarWinds on The Cost of Monitoring + NPM 11.5

I gotta tell you, it was an absolute hoot.

Getting IT professionals (IE: Geeks) to speak in public is not always an easy task. But Ethan and Greg are the consummate conversationalists. They know that the key to getting a really juicy conversation going is to tap into the love and passion that all IT pro's have. So we spent a decent amount of time “warming up.” I'm naturally gregarious, so I didn't feel like I needed the time to loosen up, but I appreciated not hitting the microphone cold.

Once the tape started rolling, Ethan and Greg kept the banter up while also helping me stay on track. For an attention-deficit-prone guy like me, that was a huge help.

But aside from all the mechanics, the best part of the talk was that they were sincerely interested in the topic and appreciative of the information I brought to the table. These are guys who know networking inside and out. They are IT pros who podcast, not talking heads who know enough tech to get by. And they really REALLY care about monitoring.

It's the fastest way to anyone's heart, really. Show me that you care about what I care about, and I'm yours.

So here's hoping I have the chance to join the PacketPushers gang again this year and share the monitoring love some more. Until then, I've got episode 225 to cherish, and I will be tuning into their regular podcasts to see what else they have to say.

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