2015 Predictions and beyond, Stop telling me what’s happening, let me tell you!

We are a solid 3 months into 2015 at this point, the first quarter is nearly out, and subsequently we should start seeing the seeds or even some fruit of various ‘2015 Predictions’ by “industry” folks.  Well, rather than wait until the end of the year to see, what ‘might’ happen vs what might not. What are *you* seeing.  You are the community, you are the people for whom the predictions toll, but most importantly you are the ones who actually decide IF they will come to fruition or not.

We’ve seen predictions around Cloud adoption, implementation of Software Defined Data Centers, whether components of Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking or other similar type capabilities.   I don’t want to even bring up the fact that the past 10 years have been, “The Year of VDI” but every year it is predicted, and every year sadness follows because wide-scale adoption keeps people saying, “one more time…”

So what are you seeing, let’s say… Forget the Analysts, the Trade Press, even my own predictions because they mean nothing if they don’t actually happen. (No, this isn’t some kind of obscure Nostradamus stuff :)) But the best kind of predictions follow as Self-Fulfilling prophecies and you are in the drivers seat of IT to see things start happening or *want* things to start happening.

So now that we have a few months under our belt, what are some of the Predictions you DO see happening and others you would *like* to see happen.  Fortunately the industry and marketplace is mature that a majority of the solutions exist to adopt, it’s just a matter of…

Which ones are resonating with you?

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