Your New Community Manager

It’s me. Hi. Your new community manager. *waves* And though I’m not necessarily new to this community, it’s about time we make some formal introductions. 

I’ve been with SolarWinds since 2016 and feel I could write a book about all the wonderful experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met here. I’ve worn many hats within the company in these last six years, and I have a feeling this hat will be my favorite of all. I joined our community team in early 2021, and I’ve had the unique opportunity of getting to know all of you since. We may have talked in the mission comments, Livecast chats, at THWACKcamp, and more recently in-person at a SWUG event. What can I say? Y’all are awesome, you keep me constantly laughing/smiling, and I wanted more hands-on time with you. Can you blame me? 

A little about me: 

  • My friends call me KP, so you’re more than welcome to 
  • I’ve lived in Austin since 2012, and that makes me have intense feelings about the city  
  • I love a good Malbec 
  • I like to read, hike, and travel when able 
  • I’m constantly covered in corgi glitter (aka dog hair) from my pup Leo 
  • I’m a freak about celebrating - events, holidays, your cat’s birthday, you name it

I’m here to help you all with your experience within the community (gentle nudge at the aptly named #pointaggedon, which is FINALLY resolved). If you haven’t guessed by now, we have a deep passion for making this the best community in IT. I’m eager to connect with you, so if you haven’t already, send me a friend request, and let’s chat. I’m here to represent you all, and I hope to do you justice here, internally, at SolarWinds. 


Kristen Piña Flores

Thwack - Symbolize TM, R, and C