Why am I Excited for "Monitoring Is for Everyone?"

Why Am I Excited for “SD-WAN—What, How, and Why It’s Got Your Number?”

Software Defined Everything (SDx) is becoming more and more prevalent among technologists. For me, I understand the need to let the software assist with this, but as a network engineer at heart, I’m still going to some need convincing. I have so many questions about SD-WAN, but the first and foremost is why I should even care?

Thankfully, we have an expert in Dr. Jim Metzler to explain why SD-WAN specifically is coming and how to shift our thinking to take advantage of this technology. I know Joe and Patrick will be sure to ask the tough questions about adoption of a software defined solution and I’ll know I’ll be better for actively listening to the answers.

Why Am I Excited for “The Perfect Lab—Cloud and GNS3?”

I think I can speak for most of us out there that no matter how many years I put in $100-125K in my personal annual budget for lab gear, it never seems to get approved. Odd, right? Like many of you, I’ve tried to cobble together a lab from gear I had laying around, a plethora of virtual machines running on various desktops, and whatever other caulk and duct tape solutions I can find. But none of those options are as good as having an environment where you can play, learn, and test before setting your eyes on your production environment.

Honestly, I’ve thought about moving my ragtag lab desktop VMs to the cloud, but it always seemed daunting. I’m excited to see what my options really are for hosting and running my own lab—or even introducing other coworkers to the option—in a cloud environment. Being able to mockup a network and servers in the cloud and then monitor those elements while not disrupting my production environment is worth the time of this session alone.

Why Am I Excited for “Infrastructure Monitoring Status? It’s Complicated?”

The definition of “infrastructure” hasn’t changed over the past few decades, but what encompasses it certainly has. Thankfully, Adam and Patrick know more about the sprawling infrastructure of today than I, so I get to hear from them about the best way to monitor the new infrastructure stack—including the servers and the application performance.

Because nowadays you aren’t just responsible for the gear you and your coworkers could touch, but you’re responsible for machines and applications running in other people’s cloud. You can trust the providers deliver the services you expect, but you should also verify you’re getting the performance you need. After all, what good is moving to the cloud if your users can no longer do their job?

Why Am I Excited for “Monitoring for Managers—What You Need to Know to Sound Like a Monitoring Expert?”

We frequently talk with IT professionals directly but spend significantly less time speaking with their management. Bringing management into our discussions about monitoring is key to making sure we each meet our individual organizational goals. What you may not realize is your management wants to you to succeed, but they may not have the same vocabulary we, as the IT pro, do. So, we went right to the source and put out a survey for managers only.

I’m anxious to hear and see the results of this survey because it’ll help inform all monitoring users on how management wants their information. Knowing Leon, there will be plenty of accompanying information we can share with our colleagues and management. This session will help many of us IT pros have better conversations with our management.