Why am I Excited for "Control Growth or It Controls You?"

Why Am I Excited for “The Changing Face of Database Performance Management?”

I love hearing Tom speak about databases and their roles as it pertains to IT today. Years ago, he helped decloak some of the mystery of database servers for me during a session at THWACKcamp 2014. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your take), the modern landscape of databases has changed in the last few years. If for no other reason, listening to John’s experience in this “new” space has me excited. Many monitoring professionals used to watch just a few database servers and we could do it by hand, but modern applications make the number of instances increase exponentially.

We’ve heard from many IT professionals for years that getting to the root cause is key to getting to resolution. Having detailed information about the databases helps us accidental DBAs speak to a DBA logically. Now I can have a reasonable conversation regardless of the database type. After all, our job isn’t really being a network engineer or a systems engineer or a database administrator, it’s to provide services to our end users—regardless of the systems behind those services.

Is there any other reason I’m excited? I get to bask in the glory of Tom’s brilliant beard.

Why Am I Excited for “A Developer’s Perspective on Distributed SaaS Database Monitoring?”

Tom is back again, but this time he’s brought in Karlo to speak about how modern developers need to think about how developers interact with databases. Query execution time can vary greatly depending on the data being retrieved. Some data will be better stored and retrieved in traditional relational databases and other in more modern database platforms. When you talk about SaaS solutions, time really is money, so understanding how long your programs are taking to execute, the size of the returns, and the underlying resources being consumed can help you make informed decisions.

As an accidental DBA, hearing this from both the DBA and developer side sheds light on how to understand the needs of both roles. I’m excited for this session to help add a new technology achievement to my repertoire: Accidental SaaS DBA.

Why Am I Excited for “Handle With Care: The Many Ways Modern Web Applications Can Break?”

About a year ago, I realized I went to the station, but the train left without me regarding modern application design and development. I tried to get on board, but it was too hard to put aside my legacy application thinking: storage lives here, database servers live there, application server is there, and the web front-end is on that machine over there. I was left behind, but like all IT professionals, I knew it was time to learn a few new skills. For me, my most glaring oversight was understanding how modern web applications work and how to make sure they continue to work for my users.

I’m excited to get a better understanding of how things like serverless technologies, containerization, and how modern web apps are architected and work within my browser. I’m not now nor have I ever pretended to be a web dev (I used FrontPage in the long-ago times). Balancing cost with performance is important not only for a monitoring professional, but from a business standpoint. Having a better understanding of how the modern web works is important to me because the performance is important to my users and my organization.

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