[WEBCAST] Achieve Comprehensive Observability From Client Side to Server Side - March 30 @ 2 pm CT

When teams are only monitoring metrics, traces, logs, or user experience in isolation, they can’t gain the perspective they need to infer the total system’s internal state. This results in narrower visibility, reduced capacity for proactivity, and slower troubleshooting.

The APM Integrated Experience is more than monitoring. It provides teams with comprehensive observability by integrating user, metric, trace, and log data into a single UI so teams can proactively ensure the health and performance of applications and the supporting infrastructure.

Join us on March 30 at 2 p.m. CT and we’ll show you how to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize with client-side and server-side insights from the APM integrated experience with the following tools:

  • SolarWinds® AppOpticsTM: Software as a service (SaaS)-based infrastructure and application performance monitoring
  • SolarWinds Loggly®: Unified log management, monitoring, and analysis
  • SolarWinds Pingdom®: SaaS-based synthetic and real user monitoring