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At SolarWinds we're committed to enhancing your experience through continuous improvement. Your opinions and insights are crucial to us, as a valued member of our community.

We invite you to participate in our 2024 Customer Experience Survey. It’s quick—just four minutes—and you’ll earn 1,000 THWACK points for your participation. Your feedback will directly influence how we evolve our services to better serve you and all our customers.

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Your input is invaluable in guiding the future direction of SolarWinds, and we deeply value your ongoing partnership.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve. If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your experience more directly, please indicate this in the survey, and we’ll make sure someone from our team gets in touch. Alternatively, you can always reach us at customer.experience@solarwinds.com.

  • I see you are a newbie to the community    I encourage you to use the THWACK forum to discuss your issues.   I see from your profile that you too manage an environment, so you probably utilize multiple tools.    Go to the location on our site here of the tool or tools that are giving your heart ache and start a question or discussion.   The more information that you can provide regarding your issue, the more responses you will get from the community and the staff from SolarWinds!   Good luck  I will follow you to see if you comply!!!!   YOU TOO can make the tools better by providing feedback and current issues that you are having... we could help you put in a feature request if it is something that is not working ... hang in there... it is a great platform!

  • There definitely are more points involved. Thank you so much for the plug,  !

  • More stability.  Recently,  with the addition of patches it's been a bit flakey. Please,  rather than focus on added features,  focus on stability,

  • You all need to be customer advocates!!!  Such little effort to show your appreciation to THWACK, SolarWinds, and the SolarWinds support folks.  Just saying... this is the most amazing community and most amazing support behind the product line!  You will get to a question in the survey asking if you would like to be an advocate, please say yes!!   I think there are even more points involved!!!! 

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